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The phrase the whole is greater than the sum of its parts was coined by Aristotle; and it’s no more relevant than in the making of a great film. So when we’re selected to play a key role we don’t take it lightly, teamwork is crucial.

With this rooted commitment we have been invited to go on numerous journeys to document the planet’s peoples and natural wonders and to bringing their incredible stories to life for the audience.

It’s a privilege and honour.

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Air Jaws Ultimate Breach Off
Discovery Shark Week
Producer: Shark Entertainment
Director Of Photography: Richard Kruger
Three research teams—led by shark expert Chris Fallows and marine biologists Alison Towner and Dr. Enrico Gennari—vie to see who can capture the most breaches on film at Seal Rock in Mossel Bay. This was a crazy breach feast, filmed remotely during the Covid -19 Pandemic, but with a very strong conservation message.
How the Wild Things Sleep – The Nature Of Things with David Suzuki 
Producer: Telltale Productions
Director Of Photography: Richard Kruger 
Most Living Creatures sleep – but why? Scientist explore big ideas about shut-eye Rich Red Productions was super privilege to work on this fascinating look into sleep in animals for CBC, and were tasked to work remotely to film Elephants and Seals. Filming wild elephants sleep is no easy task as they are constantly on the move and seals pose their own challenges; but we managed to reveal some surprising answers.
Mega Jaws of Bird Island
Discover Channel & Discovery +
Producer: Shark Entertainment
Director od Photography: Richard Kruger
South African great whites are on the drink of extinction, but experts believe there is a least one breeder shark left in the water surrounding Bird Island. A team will search and tag the last female great white mature enough to carry on the species.
The Whale That Ate Jaws: New Evidence
National Geography & ABC
Producer: National Geography
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
As Great White Shark carcasses wash-up along the shores of South Africa experts weigh in to reveal astounding new discoveries and reveal new fascinating science behind the killer whale’s taste for shark meat, with some shocking revelations.

News & Current Affairs

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of chasing an unfolding news story and working to a deadline or digging into a current affairs story to unravel the truth. You’ve got to love it!

With over 20 years in the industry, covering these stories has taken me across the African continent to places of great hardship and also beauty. I’ve met the poorest of the poor and the wealthiest, politicians, mercenaries, gangsters and poachers but also the humblest, caring and creative people trying to make a difference to better the life of others. I’m constantly amazed at the love, compassion, resilience, strength, stubbornness, anger and hatred that make up but one person.

This world is a crazy beautiful place full of incredible wonders and people.

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Gang Town, Lockdown
VPRO Netherlands
Correspondent: Bram Vermeulen
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
Correspondent Bram Vermeulen looks at the impact of the corona virus on the crowded townships of South Africa. Keeping distance there is a privilege that a few can afford. A day of working quickly means a day of not eating. This was a surreal experience, two worlds in one country, and extremely dangerous to film. 
Deadly Profits: The Corona Vaccine Business
WDR Monitor
Correspondent: Herbert Kordes
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
Correspondent Herbert Kordes investigates the inequality of the corona vaccine roll out especially to third world countries and how this impacted on their people.
Pistorius On Trial: Nowhere to Run
Investigation Discovery ID
Producer: NBC News’ Peacock Productions
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
In an exclusive documentary the parents of Reeva Steenkamp, the South-African model killed by Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, speak out in an in-depth interview about the loss of their daughter and being inside the courtroom. The documentary reveals the thoughts and emotions of the Steenkamp family as they endure the trial of the man who killed their daughter.
Baboon Wars / Cape Town
Sunday Night, Channel 7, Australia
Reporter / Producer: Tim Noonan
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
Tim travels to Cape Town in South Africa to cover a neighbourhood dispute of a different kind. On one side, the baboon residents who have been there for a million years… on the other, their human neighbours who are moving in. It all started when people began building on prime land belonging to the local baboons and naturally the primates took it very personally responding with a crime wave of carjackings, muggings and home invasions. This is the real-life version of planet of the apes!

Films for Change

Living and working in African brings one face to face with the stark and harsh reality of life on the Continent. There is always someone in a more vulnerable and dire situation whether it be socio-economic reasons, political, war or environmental impact and as filmmakers we have the power to bring light to these stories to engage, evoke emotion and encourage thought.

Over years Richred has developed strong relationship with organisations and charities focused on bringing about positive change to those in need, such as Comic & Sports Relief BBC, Idol Gives Back for American Idols, Malaria No More, Unicef Soccer Aid and Endemol UK. This great opportunity has sent Richard throughout Africa to work with living idols such as: Bono, Celine Dion, Leona Lewis, Dame Kelly Holmes and Will and Jada Smith as they meet inspirational local people fighting to better their lives.

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Little Sun brings the power of the Sun to everyone
TVC & Corporate Promo
Little Sun, Germany
DOP Richard Kruger

“Bringing solar energy to everyone is simple: It starts with you. Let’s take the power of the future into our own hands.”

Olafur Eliasson
Founder / Artist

Phelophepa Train of Hope
Producer: Morris & Chapman Belgium 
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
Dubbed the “Train of Hope”, the Phelophepa train is the only one of its kind in the world. Each year it travels the length.

Off Grid Solar in Senegal
Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project – The world is Watching 24 Hours of Reality
Producer: Shoulderhill
Field Producer & DOP: Richard Kruger

We were privilege to produce a couple of films for the Climate Reality Project which were broadcast around the world for 24 Hours of Reality. This film features OOLU, which means “trust” in Wolof, a pioneering company providing off-grid solar power to homes and villages in Senegal. The company also trains local women to install, operate, and repair the solar panels.
Pledge Film / Fundraiser 
Director of Photography: Richard Kruger
Mothers2mothers is an Africa-based NGO which trains and employs local mothers living with HIV provide education and support to other women, to protect their children from infection.

Publicity EPK & BTS

I have been working on film sets doing EPK/BTS work since 2005.

Drawing on my documentary filmmaking background and utilising my experience of onset etiquette has provided me the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring filmmakers and actors to produce quality EPK/BTS material for the publicity of both Feature Films and Series

I was privileged to work on Mad Max – Fury Road for 6 months in Namibia where on a daily basis I was able to capture the unique filmmaking of George Miller and all the amazing work by the creative departments. Most of all the publicity material and special features are from my material capture over this period.

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Mad Max: Fury Road – Behind The Scenes
Warner Brothers
Rich Red Productions
DOP: Richard Kruger
This was just such an amazing ride and a huge honour to be part of this incredible production.

Safe House – Behind The Scenes
Universal Pictures
Rich Red Productions
DOP: Richard Kruger

Black Sails – Creating the World
Rich Red Productions
DOP: Richard Kruger
Warrior – The Legacy Featurette
HBO / Cinemax
Rich Red Productions
DOP: Richard Kruger